Flat Emotion – thin layers… thick applied paint…
Flatness Emotion

Flat Emotion – thin layers… thick applied paint…

Flat Emotion

Through the manipulation of thin layers of translucent oil paint, I was able to depict different light sources and dimensions in the painting. The other parts of the painting have a thick applied paint and it is not a random application, but considered study of fabric, eyes and other elements of the painting. I observed different kinds of many different surfaces and textures. The central figure has a lot of detail and this part of the painting catches our attention. I meant to capture and hold the close attention of the viewer, and lead them to meditate on the details and take part in the conversation. We watch them, but they watch us too. I titled the painting ‘Flat Emotion’, because the painting has three suggested vertical divisions of the space. Painting has a lot of elements which I study carefully and with detailed attention, but the painting itself as a whole gives an impression of being flat. Painting has a lot of layers, which can be discover by careful study in person. The painting is big, but not overwhelming.

You can find this painting also on my website: bartoszbeda.com/paintings/flat-emotion/


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