Painting in detail: Seduction
Seduction, oil on canvas, 30,5x41cm, 2014

Painting in detail: Seduction

Seduction… Painting in Detail

What is the colour of seduction? Is it the same as the colour of love? There is no strict guideline to how it should be painted, therefore I decided that a realistic painting would not be as interesting as a piece with limited colour pallet and a blurred image. The definition of seduction does not communicate what it is exactly; therefore, I have decided not to create any specific detail in the painting.

This painting is based on a photograph I found online through a random search. The image was black and white and I was interested in depicting the scene from the picture and transferring the interpretation of what I saw onto the surface of the canvas. I decided to use oranges and reds in the painting but also hints of browns are visible as well. I didn’t have any specific idea behind the painting, but once I finished the piece I knew that the title had to be strong. By looking at the story of the painting I decided to find a word, which would convey the action of the painting. I decided to go for ‘Seduction’. The definition of the word is also very interesting. This painting many moments, which are blurry and not clear. It is because I didn’t want anybody to think about any particular person or event while viewing it. It is a universal depiction of seduction, which can be interpreted in many ways. What constitutes our individual self? I am nothing without my social ‘beauty’ in relationships. I cannot be fully aware of myself unless I am aware of how others see me. Therefore, I define myself in relation to others. To that extent, painting will be nothing more than an “empty abstraction” or “a motionless tautology.” That is what the painting is about.

The painting itself is very simple and the colour red has a purpose. This is a warm and positive colour associated with our most physical needs. When you look at the painting you feel a need for survival. It exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy. “Seduction” gave me the ability to communicate with the viewer through my manipulation of an image. What is seduction? It is action of seducing someone. I want the same from the painting – to seduce the viewer through manipulated imagery.

The action in the painting is energising, and seduction is strictly related to action. An action has to be taken to seduce someone, and that’s how I think about this painting. I took an action on the canvas to show a blurry image of seduction. The red colours psychologically bring that feeling of power, excite the emotions and motivate us to look at the painting. The red colours signify a pioneering spirit, promoting ambition and determination. It is a colour of sexuality and can stimulate deeper and more intimate passions in us, such as love and sex on the positive side or revenge and anger on the negative side. It is often used to express love.
My purpose is not to tell the viewer what a seduction is. I simply manipulate the images to create artwork consisting of paint as a medium. Through my work I explore the parallels between daily life, human needs and the connection of people to visual sources found on personal mobile devices like phones and tablets. These everyday tools are stimulating our imaginations by hypnotising us more easily then ever with ideas and concepts, which very often fail in practice and have nothing in common with reality. How do I paint love? Can a painter paint love? Or maybe just suggest the feeling of it? It will always only be an interpretation, which has nothing to do with reality. This painting is more an open question of what we see and how we interpret things. We need to spend some time with this painting to understand what the painting is about. Is it about brush-strokes or about seduction? Maybe it is the colour that is seductive and it has nothing to do with what we see on the surface? That is why painting is ‘open-minded’ for individual interpretations.


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