Painting in Detail: Temptation
Temptation II

Painting in Detail: Temptation

Temptation Painting

Definition of the word temptation says that it is a desire to do something wrong or unwise. The range of interpretations and meanings are wide. The paintings subject is beyond religion reasons. The concept of the word temptation can create a much different image for persons who have not seen the painting, but have ability imagine it, as something not related to what we consider as a holy. It is related directly to our personality and our ability to recognize the context issues without experience it. The emotional response appears once we experience something in reality. The attention and knowledge about temptation is blinded, because what we see on paintings is holy and that is how we accept it. In fact, this representation of what is on painting seems to work ultimately against the title. It is particular condition for being human that we can isolate ‘temptation’ from all other concepts in our consciousness.


What constitutes my individual self – my personal identity? We are nothing without our social ‘beauty’ of relationships: We cannot be fully aware of ourselves unless we are aware of how others see us, therefore, we define ourselves in relation to others. To that extent, painting will be nothing more than an “empty abstraction” or “a motionless tautology”.


The large and small scales of the paintings provide a dynamic back and forth conversation that the viewer can have with a painting. The gestural application of paint on the Temptation painting is living a mysterious space, where one thing becomes another.


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