Bartosz Beda

How Many Paintings for a Gallery Show?

As I prepare for my solo exhibition, "Echoes of Seasons," I'm faced with the important decision of how many paintings to showcase.

This exhibition, set at the Art Gallery at Collin College's Plano Campus from September 29th to October 26th, 2023, has required careful consideration of this matter.

Balancing large and small-scale paintings allows for dynamic artistic contrasts and invites viewers to engage with size, scale, and perspective in storytelling.

Prioritizing quality over quantity is essential in curating a solo exhibition; each painting selected contributes to the overarching narrative.

The gallery's physical space also played a role in determining the number of paintings to ensure they are displayed effectively without overcrowding.

As the exhibition date approaches, I'm confident that the selected paintings strike the perfect balance, resonating with the exhibition's themes.

Please mark your calendars for this event, and I appreciate your support in this creative journey.

In the end, the number of paintings for a solo exhibition is a dynamic decision influenced by the artist's vision, theme, and available space, shaping the narrative for the audience to explore.